Traka Girona

I’ve been riding bikes for the last 20 years, more than a hobby it’s a way of life. Cycling helps me to breathe, think, and enjoy life a lot.

Living in London I discover another way to approach cycling, the culture around cycling there was really different and I decided to open The Cycling Culture account, to share my rides and to discover other cyclists around the world with the same passion.

Asolo X 3T

The Instagram account allowed me to ride, meet and discover new places, new climbs and new cyclists. Now with this website, I want to go deeper and share more content about my rides, and the other cyclists I am discovering and riding with.

Recently I moved to Girona, a true cycling paradise, so ride here it’s been a pleasure. So if you are coming here text me, we will find the moment to ride together and go for a good coffee.

See you on the bike!