The Service Course – Training Camp

This week The Service Course did a Training Camp around Girona with customers, and I joined them on the Wednesday ride hosted by the pro-rider Michael Woods from the Education first.

We meet at La Fabrica Girona for an excellent breakfast to have fuel for a long ride, Woods choose to show them the Olot loop but using a secondary (and really fun) back roads. The loop is one of my favourite here so it was a great day on the bike, sharing the passion with customers on the roads I like most.

The weather looked fantastic, last weeks in Girona were really cold, but the training camp week it was just perfect.

After our fantastic breakfast, we head to The Service Course to meet all the riders and know the route from Woods, instructions were really clear: save some legs from the last part, gravel climb….yes it was a road ride, but in Girona, you always end up doing some gravel hahaha

We start direction Canet D’Adri and their steep hills and Vall de Llemena, one of the most beautiful valleys around here, group was united until Les Encies, a short climb but some of the customers were testing Woods on the way up.

Countryside and views were fantastic on our arrival to la Garrotxa before our coffee stop to Olot, a peaceful area perfect for a ride. We did a generous stop at the coffee bar before to leave to last part of the route.

We took a secondary route to ride back to Girona from Olot, really wet when we had some fun playing with our bikes. We arrived united at the back of Rocacorba before the last climb, perfect gravel to do on a road bike. We take it easy on our way back to the city 🙂

As you know Girona is where I live now and for me, it’s one of the best cycling paradises in Europe and bringing people around the world to show them our territory, routes and gastronomy, it’s an awesome job to increase our city awareness and The Service Course does an excellent job being one of our best ambassadors.

Thanks to all The Service Course team for the invitation, it was a pleasure share a day with your customers and you, your passion and services is just stunning.

I enclose the video they did, and the selected route, hope you enjoy it!