Sarah – @saritahramirez

Sara Ramirez Colombia

1. Introduce yourself

My name is Sarah Ramírez I’m 31 years old and I’m a passionate cyclist from Colombia, the country of “los escarabajos

2. When/why did you start cycling?

I bought my first MTB bicycle in 2013 but I sold it because I felt that it was a very tough sport. I remember that I said that I would never buy a bike again (that was a good joke at that moment). Three years ago a friend of mine convinced me about buying a bike again with the excuse of exercising and losing weight. Just ask if she still comes with me for a bike ride? No!!  Hahaha. But I’m grateful because thanks to her, I just can’t get enough of this beautiful sport.

3. Where are you cycling the most?

Medellín! Because it is my home town. It’s simply a paradise for riding. We have a good and great variety of places to practice this sport and that is why every time we go out for a ride, we can go from a valley to a great mountain and easily ride on every type of terrain there can be.

4. For someone who is visiting your area for a weekend, which routes are a must-see, what they shouldn’t miss?

If you visit Medellin you cannot miss riding to the east of the city up to a town called La Unión. Another classic ride is going up one of our famous cols called “Alto de las Palmas”.

It is also very common to ride to a town called Barbosa which is a not so hilly route. This is a ride we usually do on Sundays.

5. We love coffee and after-cycling activities, do you have any other recommendations related to cycling?

Colombia is famously known for its coffee so you can discover many delicious coffee places in each corner of the city. At the east of the city, which is the zone were many cyclists go to ride, there are many good food options. 

My favourite coffee place is called Bella Café ( @bellacafebike ) For the people that prefer to eat something traditional, the right place is called Caliche Pan ( @calichepan ). 

You should know that when you go to some of these places, it’s very easy to find just next to you any of my countries famous cycling stars… sounds nice, doesn’t it?

6. What is a cycling paradise for you?

Colombia for me is a cycling paradise!! It’s a country full of people that feels great passion for this sport. Here people breathe and love cycling. On the weekends the roads are full of people riding their bikes. We have a lot of mountains and incredible weather and unbelievable friends to share our passion with. If you haven’t visited Colombia you are missing out on a lot of spectacular places to ride.

7. What is your favourite climb and why?

My favourite climb is one of our most famous climbs called “Páramo de Letras or Alto de Letras” Riding it is is like graduation for any cyclist in Colombia. Its 80 kilometres of climbing from the town of Mariquita (38-40ªC) up the mountain where the temperature could be around 10ªC. From the “Páramo de letras” you can see the spectacular “Nevado del Ruiz”. This is a beautiful and unforgettable climb that challenges your mind, legs and your heart.

8. An HC climb you have pending?

Definitely the route called “El Alto de La Línea”, another mythic route of Colombia. Believe me when I tell you that you must visit this country if you are a passionate cyclist.

9. Could you recommend 2 Instagram accounts of cyclists who inspire you?

It is very difficult to recommend just two accounts. Colombia is full of talents. I must say that I get inspired by the accounts of “REAL” people.

Juliana Gaviria is a super cyclist and super mother that makes her a strong and powerful woman. (@juli181 )

Monica Calderón is a champion that doesn’t mind to share her knowledge and she always recovers “with style” when she falls down (@monicycling)

How is affecting your area the Covid-19 ? 

I think at this point we are being affected by the same: anxiety and fear. But, I think if we take all the mandatory measures that the government are implementing, we are going to get through this situation with a lot of meaningful lessons learned

What are you doing to train at home those days

This has been very difficult because I sold my simulator because I bought a brand new bike. But, I borrowed a balance roller from a friend and I get through the quarantine trying to not break my teeth while I am falling down.