Jannie – @janniesand80

Jannie Sand

1. Introduce yourself

Hi everyone, I’m Jannie from Denmark. I’m a cycling addict with a huge love for the entire world of cycling and everything that comes with it. Unlike most girls, I’m very much into all the tech stuff and I’m a true sucker for long endurance rides.

2. When/why did you start cycling?

I’ve been a cycling fan since 1996 where Bjarne Riis won the Tour but I didn’t start cycling before 2008. I used to play elite golf which consumed all my spare time and I rarely ever worked out beside my golf practice. From one day to the other I decided that it was about time to get into a decent shape so I bought a bike. I still remember my first ride and how damn hard it was going up even the tiniest small hills. Luckily a lot has changed since then.

3. Where are you cycling the most?

Most of my rides are in my local hood. I live in Vejle which is well known for being the centre of some of the best cycling locations in Denmark. We have loads of tiny roads with few cars, smooth tarmac and even some smaller hills.

4. For someone who is visiting your area for a weekend, which routes are a must-see, what they shouldn’t miss?

Here a few of my favourite local rides with a good mix of coastal rides, plenty of rolling hills with short but steep bergs and even a few hairpins. 

  1. https://www.strava.com/routes/24893956
  2. https://www.strava.com/routes/22450310
  3. https://www.strava.com/routes/24894100

5. We love coffee and after-cycling activities, do you have any other recommendations related to cycling?

My favourite local cycling café is Cyclo Position Service Course which is only a few hundred meters from where I live. They serve great coffee, do bike fits and different treatments and they have a highly qualified mechanic in their workshop.
Another great place to end a bike ride is at the famous café, Onkel A. They serve the best homemade organic sandwiches and salads. It´s definitely not one to miss!

6. What is a cycling paradise for you?

To me, a cycling paradise is a place where I can ride my bike at peace in nature without being interrupted by aggressive cars and having to pass through bigger cities. I love mountains, passing through small villages and stopping at the local cafés, riding through valleys and getting the reward of a scenic view after suffering going uphill.

7. What is your favourite climb and why?

My favourite climb is Mount Ventoux. I’ve ridden it several times and I even did all 3 ascents in one day a few years back.

8. An HC climb you have pending?

I have never been to the Pyrenees so that´s definitely on my bucket list including the Hautecam.
Andorra is another place that I would love to visit soon.

9. What is your next cycling destination?

To be honest I don’t know. I was supposed to go to Mallorca to do the Mallorca 312 but that has been cancelled due to Covid-19. Another goal for the season was the Sportful Dolomiti race but that also just been cancelled so for now I will have to settle with riding at home.

10. Could you recommend 2 Instagram accounts of cyclists who inspire you?

I have a lot of favourites but the two that inspires me the most these days are @nickfrendo and @nickarend.


How is affecting your area the Covid-19?

The Covid-19 isn’t as bad in Denmark as it is in many other countries in Southern Europe and we are not in full lockdown. Schools are locked and companies are struggling but our government made the right decisions at an early stage so it’s nothing compared to Spain and Italy.

In terms of training Covid-19 crisis isn’t affecting me very much and as long as we don´t go to bigger groups we are free to train outside. As I’m a bit of a lonely wolf with a huge love for solo rides I just continue more or less like normal.