Chemex – My first time

Chemex filter coffee for cyclists

Lazy Mondays are for coffee; Chemex edition.

I had my first experience at home with my Chemex, usually, I use the V60 for my filter coffee ritual.

From an aesthetics point of view no doubt I prefer the Chemex vs the V60, but to make filter coffee I would confess the Hario v60 it’s cleaner and easier, also the paper I used on the Hario it’s faster on rush mornings.

For this, I used the Thailand coffee from a Girona local roaster, Cafès Cornellà, from the speciality coffee origins is one of my favourites with Nicaragua.

I did with the 1:16 rule, 30 seconds of bloom. The taste was super good, long and sweet with notes of mango and cider, perfect for a lazy Monday at the office.

Chemex filter coffee for cyclists