Lockdown testimonials – Mick from Equipe Girona

Equipe Girona Cycling Hotel

Mick is an ex-pat living in Girona but for sure knows better the territory to ride on the bike than more locals. We always meet at the gravel races or in the cycling-friendly coffees. Mick moved to Girona to start Equipe Girona, a cosy Sports Bed & Breakfast perfect for sportive and cycling holidays in the city, to discover with him the best cycling areas around here. We saw each other last time in La Puntual (best bread in town) and we had a chat about quarantine and the future…

A) How was your cycling life during quarantine?
First weeks we hoped we would be back out soon. However, it became clear it would take a while. We don’t have a smart trainer yet at Equipe Girona so I posted a Q on Instagram and I got some old school rollers from Maia to use. Was cool to learn and did lots of cadence drills and even a 100Km ride! We are lucky to have the large house and could roll outside next to the guest pool but it was tough you value freedom more than ever.

B) What are you planning now that lockdown restrictions are lifting?
The first focus is to start up our business up again. We hope to have some Spanish guests In the summer term and in Autumn our EU guests that have booked. I will be doing some free guiding (when allowed) to show the best gravel and road routes around. In the meantime just go out and ride where we can. Gravel routes start next to our Guesthouse and will explore a lot! 
During the lockdown, I made some good (gravel) routes in Komoot and can wait to start exploring them with Wilma.

Equipe Girona Cycling Hotel

C) How is affected Equipe Girona? 
We will and have lost some key spring months for our Sports focussed Bed & Breakfast and that in the start-up phase. A full agenda was gone. As said we really hope to start up the business again in coming months and pray for a normal Autumn. Our Guesthouse is in a nice and quiet area just outside of town, rooms and house are easy to clean and we have a limited amount of guests and we do everything ourselves, making it very virus safe. 

D) Future plans?
Winter riding in Girona is so much better than in Northern Europe. Dry, sunny and you can dress for the weather. I love riding here in December – February. So we will focus a lot on offering some good winter options for travellers!
Would also be great if by Autumn and Winter the great events of Klassmark can take place. We love to support our guests to participate in these cycling and trail run events. 

E) Any final words?
When we sold our house, car etc to start this adventure we never expected a scenario like this. You have to be adaptable but is difficult to remain positive and not get depressed.
Our hearts and minds were warmed by the support from guests, friends and the cycling community.

Equipe Girona Bed&Breakfast

As said in Surinam; Soso Lobi. 

PhotoCredit: Endless / @brazodehierro & @Tristantakephoto