Traka Girona

When you hear the words Girona and Klassmark together you can guess something cool is going on, but when you add gravel on the equation….you know it would be something to not miss, welcome to Traka!

So the adventure was set up, the weekend of 21st and 22nd of September I was planning to do the Traka Girona, but as cyclists, we never have enough riding.

The Service Course decided to do an easy ride on Friday. It was a chilly ride around Girona, and it was great to catch up with other riders will be on the race the next day.

After a sunny Friday, we woke up on Saturday on a rainy day, perfect for Gravel race isn’t?

For sure was not the best conditions, but the organizers did an amazing job, they create a new route (just 50Km) with a really climbing part. It was not my best day on the bike, at some point I was seeing nothing for the heavy rain and fog on the climbs, I had a crash, but I was happy to be out riding and be part of the first edition of this amazing gravel race.

We were lucky and the weather changed on Sunday. Sun wake up with us, ideal temperature for riding, and a lot of mud was waiting for us to have an amazing race with so much fun. I did most of the race with my friends from Cicles Vic, Sandra was doing an amazing two days of racing, second on the overall and stage that day.

Faces speak loud, the second day was a super gravel day, the route was incredible and really fast so we enjoyed the ride in the countryside plenty of people crazy for some groads.

We had an amazing weekend of gravel in Girona, looking forward to race it next year!

Photos are from Klassmark and Oriol Batista.