No clock gravel ride

Gravel Ride Girona Cycle Tours Catalonia

Sometimes we are in rush on a daily basis, also when we are out for a ride; agendas, family or friends lunch or work to do.

Gravel Ride Girona Cycle Tours Catalonia

But yesterday it was not the case. Still incredible warm in Girona, we planned a gravel ride with no clock, just ride, following off-road paths and looking to discover new ways to go to nowhere in concrete.

Our pro-rider friend Mire it’s official on off-season so was the perfect excuse, all season on the road looking the watts and during intervals, it was time to enjoy just being on the gravel bike, on a peaceful countryside enjoying the sun.

Thanks, Jordi from Cycling Tours Catalonia to join and show us other groads, and for the chit-chat to complete the 100kms